Who We Are

The Centre of Resilient Development (CoRD) is a non-government, not-for-profit organization established in 2011. It seeks to research, implement and advocate for sustainable development approaches with the use of a disaster and climate resilient framework, integrating environmental management and green technology practices.


    To engage relevant stakeholders in identifying and evaluating disaster and climate change risks, investing in approaches to mitigate such risks, and reducing their adverse impacts by mobilizing integrated development into a daily practice.


    Every community, whether urban or regional, engaging in resilient development practices to ensure that what is built today is not vulnerable to disaster tomorrow.


    • To be thought leaders in the area of disaster and climate change risk reduction
    • To carry out implementation-oriented research in the field of green development, disaster risk management, climate change and resilient development

    Where We Want To Make A Difference

    Disaster risk and climate change are two major factors undermining progress in countries with low human development. The adverse impacts of natural disasters like earthquakes, floods, and landslides are precipitating hardship on the livelihoods of citizens and consuming national resources, especially in nations like Nepal. Global warming and its resulting climate change not only have resulted in direct adverse impacts to communities but also have led to an increase in the severity and frequency of these disasters. The vulnerability of communities to these hazards however can be mitigated with better safety and sustainable development practices, which CoRD aspires to demonstrate through its activities.

    Location Of CORD