Construction supervision of Retrofitting works in HI office buildings- Handicap International


The aim of this report is to supervise and monitor retrofitting works of office buildings which have been rented by Handicap International at Maharajgunj in Kathmandu. CoRD has performed the structural evaluation and vulnerability assessment of the office buildings in the earlier projects, which are being constructed by Handicap International, and needs to be supervised to ensure proper implementation of  the design.

Objective of Study

Supervise and monitor the retrofitting works in HI office buildings.


  • To prepare tender document.
  • To propose required materials for retrofitting at site.
  • To prepare specification for the materials proposed.
  • To propose and monitor appropriate procedure for retrofitting works.
  • To supervise the interior layout works for change in functional use.

Location: Kathmandu, Nepal

Name of Client:Handicap International

Completion Date:December, 2013