Consultation Workshop on Green Technology-Green Building in Nepal

Green Technology- Green Building in Nepal

Held on: 03 September 2013

Venue : Hotel Annapurna

Organized by:

  1. Department of Education, Ministry of Education(DOE)
  2. Department of Urban Development and Building construction,Minitry of Urban Development (DUDBC)
  3. Action Aid Nepal (AAN)
  4. Center of Resilient Development (CoRD)


Action Aid Nepal (AAN) and Department of Education (DOE) with Technical Assistance of Center of Resilient Development (CoRD) has adopted the CSEB technology for Green School building construction in Nepal. This building technology is based on analytical approach and follows requirements for obtaining earthquake resistance, hygiene, environmental friendly, climate responsive, cost effective, disaster responsive as well as child safety features in school building design. Completed nder this project is the construction 12 earthquake resistant green schools in three districts – viz. Banke, Morang and Dolkha.

With this initiative in Green technology, the workshop was organized primarily to share the experiences, discuss pros and cons and come up with new approaches and initiatives towards green construction technology and disaster resilient buildings.

With the final manuals for engineers and community ready on hand, the workshop was planned on September 2013 with an aim to discuss the increasing challenges and opportunities in CSEB technology. It also focused on possibilities of CSEB brick production and construction with green technology at a larger domain by increasing awareness at managerial and local level and providing skill to the technicians.

The half day workshop was divided into two sessions along with a formal opening ceremony:

  1. Technical Session  I
  2. Technical Session  II


The main objectives of the workshop were:

  • To provide platform for discussion on the green technology among stakeholders and to accommodate comments and suggestions concluded from the discussion in future practices.
  • To find out innovative ways to overcome challenges and explore new opportunities in green technology for buildings in Nepal.
  • To make green technology an easily accepted practice in society.


  • Advocacy on Seismic CSEB block production and Green Technology in Nepal.
  • Interact with experts and get feedback on green technology including its pros and cons.
  • Validate the documents on “CSEB Green Buildings in Nepal” developed by AAN  and DUDBCwithtechnical assistance fromCenter of Resilient Development (CoRD).