Developing Retrofitting options for RAP 3 Office- RAP 3


The preliminary earthquake vulnerability assessment of RAP 3 building was conducted using  the assessment toolkit developed by Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA 154). The assessment along with major structural component checks performed in the building following Nepal National Building Codes and Indian Standard Codes showed that the  building should be subjected for detailed assessment. Hence the detail assessment of the building was done using structural modeling software SAP 2000 along with various non-destructive tests such as Schmidt hammer and Ferro-Scan detector. Four stresses viz. Compressive, Tensile, Shear and Bending stresses of the building was calculated and hence checked with their respective permissible stresses.


  • Earthquake Vulnerability Assessment of the building.
  • Conceptual Design of retrofitting measures and cost estimates.

Location: Jawalkhel, Lalitpur, Nepal

Name of Client:Rural Access Program (RAP3)

Completion Date:–