Development of Construction Manual on Biogas Plant – Alternate Energy Promotion Centre (AEPC)


Biogas is currently in the focus of everyone working in the field of renewable energy. In order to make biogas construction more feasible and simple for everyone, the government of Nepal has taken the initiative to make the biogas construction manual more simplified and easy-to-understand. CoRD has been supervising the technical portions of the biogas manual. This manual will not only help common people understand the importance of the biogas, but it will also help them build biogas plants of different capacities with relative ease.


Objective of Study

The overall objective of the project was to standardize the design of certain capacities of biogas plants and to ensure the structural safety of the plants by carrying out proper analysis. The report also intends to simplify the construction procedures so that common people with simple reading abilities can understand the importance of the biogas and construct the plant with little or no assistance from technical persons.



  • To prepare the drawings of standard sized plants.
  • To analyze the structure for safety and recommend proper measures for safety.
  • To prepare the construction manual incorporating simple measures and step-wise elaboration regarding construction procedures.
  • To prepare the Bill of Quantity of each standard sized plants.


Location:  KhumaltarLalitpur

Name of Client:  Alternate Energy Promotion Center.

Completion Date:  September, 2013