Earthquake Risk Assessment and disaster resiliency of Schools/Health Post Buildings In Lalitpur- World Vision International Nepal


The project consisted of the earthquake vulnerability assessment of 20 schools and health post buildings that were constructed in support of WVIN in six different VDCs of Lalitpur district viz. Harisiddhi, ThaibaGodamchaur, Bungmati, Khokana, and Dukuchhap VDCs. The main task of this project was to access the buildings in accordance with their vulnerability towards earthquake hazard and to recommend the suitable seismic retrofitting techniques for the three most vulnerable buildings among them. For obtaining the targeted goal, a field survey of the buildings was done using the checklist developed by UNHABITAT and FEMA Guidelines.


Objective of Study

The main objectives of this project are as mentioned below:

  • Earthquake Risk Assessment Report of six schools and two health post buildings with a focus on those supported by World Vision International Nepal (WVIN).
  • To provide recommendations for the retrofitting need for the assessed buildings.
  • Detailed technical design of 3 buildings (1 Health Post and 2 Schools).



The scope of the work for assessment is as follows:

  • Conduct a survey to determine the structural characteristics of all the selected buildings.
  • Assess the structural earthquake vulnerability of the buildings based on a) Multi-hazard assessment tool kit developed by UN-Habitat and b) FEMA guidelines.
  • Modeling and structural analysis (both linear and non-linear) of selected three most buildings.
  •  Preparation of the final report with findings and recommendations.


Location:  Lalitpur District

Name of Client:  World Vision International, Nepal (WVIN)

Completion Date:  March 2013