Earthquake Vulnerability Assessment and structural evaluation of HI Expatriate Buildings- Handicap International


The aim of this report was to assess a seismic vulnerability of five residential buildings, which has been rented by HANDICAP at different locations in Kathmandu.  Kathmandu is in earthquake prone zone and hazardous to earthquake. The buildings were to be designed and constructed as per building code and should be earthquake resistant, but most of the buildings constructed and under construction in Nepal are built without proper consideration of earthquake resistant design criteria.


The report contains structural performance level of building and recommendation as a result of the study of design and drawing, physical verification, structural analysis and evaluation in reference with standards, codes and practice and earthquake resistant design criteria


Objective of Study

Evaluate the Seismic Safety of the Existing Buildings with Recommendations for Increasing the Seismic Safety of the Targeted Building.


Scope of the project:

  • Conduct a survey to determine the structural characteristics of the building.
  • Assess the structural earthquake vulnerability of the buildings by qualitative method.
  • Modeling and structural analysis (both linear and non linear) of building
  • Prepare the report detailing procedures and presenting findings and  recommendations


Location: Kathmandu, Nepal

Client:  Handicap International

Completion Date:November, 2012