Exhibition Appropriate Green Building material for construction


In the occasion of World Habitat Day Department of Urban Development and Building Construction (DUDBC) organized exhibition with the Theme “Cities and Climate Change”. The World Habitat Day is celebrated on each year in the month of October on Monday. In the exhibition there were various stalls that represented environment friendly approaches towards Global Climate Change and appropriate Green Building materials for construction. DUDBC in co-ordination with Society of Nepalese Architects (SONA), UN-Habitat Nepal organized an open exhibition on 24th-25th to create awareness on green and appropriate building technology and material in to educate general public.

To address the issue of Global Climate Change and to showcase the projects that have been carried out – CoRD and Action Aid International Nepal has jointly participated in the exhibition to promote the CSEB technology through “Green Schools Project”.

This has overall been a great opportunity for people working in Green Building Technology to develop the network and also interact with the public.


The main objectives of exhibition are;

  • To provide information on Green Building Technology
  • Advocacy on use of CSEB block to support green technology
  • To promote Green Schools Project
  • To establish network and sharing the knowledge on green technology
  • To interact with public and get feedback on technology and products/ services
  • Awareness on Green technology