Professional Services for Developing Guidelines for Seismic Retrofitting of Buildings in Nepal- UNDP


The guidelines are for assisting professionals and authorities to retrofit the existing public and private buildings in Nepal. The guideline is based on the experiences gained in Nepal in retrofitting as well as on the adaptation of different techniques used in other countries from literature surveys. It includes the buildings typology РAdobe, Masonry and RCC  buildings.


Objective & Scope of Study

The objective of this document is to reduce vulnerability of buildings, thereby decreasing the likelihood of risk to loss of life and injury to the habitants of the buildings. This is accomplished by limiting the likelihood of damage and controlling the extent of damage in the buildings.

In addition, these guidelines can assist responsible parties in the planning of seismic retrofitting projects that are consistent with both conservation principles and established public policy; they can help local officials establish parameters for evaluating submitted retrofitting proposals; and they can serve as a resource for technical information and issues to be considered in the design of structural modifications to historic adobe, masonry and RCC buildings.


Location: Kathmandu, Nepal

Name of Client: UNDP

Completion Date: April 2013