Translation of ” Guideline on Design of Disaster Resilient Hospital Building and facilities in Nepal” and ” National Mass Causality Management Strategy for Health Sector”- WHO


Guidelines on Design of Disaster Resilient Hospitals & Health Facilities in Nepal has been prepared by Centre of Resilient Development (CoRD) which recommends specific measures in planning and design of new hospitals in order to ensure required performance level in earthquakes of different intensity. Similarly, the Ministry of Health and Population (MOHP) who is responsible for the development of policies and regulations applicable to health sector in Nepal. It has made initiation on the development of the National health sector strategy for Mass Casualty Management (MCM) for Nepal which is reviewed by World Health Organization (WHO).


Both the guidelines are prepared in English. They require to be translated in Nepali language. The translated document shall be practical and understandable to both technical person and general people. The conversion of the language from English to Nepali of these two documents will make it much more accessible to make it understandable to the general people across the country.


Objective of Study

The main objective is to make the guideline easily understandable to national wide people. The Specific objective of the work is to translate the documents developed in English to Nepali..



  • To translate guidelines on design of disaster resilient hospital and health facilities in Nepal.
  • To translate national management strategy for Health Sector in Nepali language.


Location: Kathmandu, Nepal

Name of Client:World Health Organization (WHO)

Completion Date:– November, 2013