Mason Training is an attempt to consolidate the experiences of mason training gained in Kathmandu Valley Earthquake Risk Management Project. It formalizes the training materials, training exercises, and the approaches of such training that were found useful in the past years. It serves as the curriculum for training the masons, and can be used by local professionals in training the mason on the skills of earthquake-resistant techniques in non-engineered constructions. It can serve as a guide for the house owner, and also for the mason involved in owner-built constructions in remote village.

The M 7.8 Nepal earthquake of April 25, 2015 struck at 11:56: NST, with its epicenter located at 28.147°N 84.708°E in Barpak Gorkha area of Nepal, at a shallow focal depth of 15.0 km causing huge losses to human life and economy. The mega earthquake followed by numerous aftershocks of lower magnitude, and the M 6.8 scale aftershock with epicenter in Dolkha/Sindhupalchowk caused devastation in Dolkha, Sidhupalchowk, Gorkha and surrounding districts. The unfortunate event killed more than 8,795 people and injured more than 22,310 populations. Further the earthquake cause damage to more than 5,27,829 structures in the country including numerous school and health buildings. The failure typology and pattern reveals that most of the constructions in both rural and urban areas do not comply the NBC. The workmanship and skill of the masons to construct permanent shelter and also to support ongoing self help recovery has emerged as crucial factor for creating earthquake resilient community. There is lack of skill across the general population on building permanent safe shelters. Therefore, need of training of masons and on the job training is necessary.

The focus of the curricula of the training was on earthquake basics, earthquake resistant design philosophy, Behavior of EQ Resistant component in Masonry Building, Quality control, Strengthening and maintenance, EQ Preparedness, building configuration, Role of mason in EQ resistant construction, Site selection, Concept of reinforced structures and Construction of earthquake resistant Stone masonry building using wooden Band, its demonstration on site with model construction where participants themselves took part from start to end.

The training enhanced the knowledge and skill for construction of earthquake resistant Stone masonry building as well as other safety requirements outlined by the NBC. Furthermore, it added skill to supervise the construction and check the NBC compliance of Stone Masonry building at site. Above all, the training has increased the commitment and responsiveness among the participants to enforce NBC in building. A training manual and a roaster of trained professional are other outcome of the training which could be used in capacity building along with enforcing earthquake resistant Stone Masonry building on rural areas in days to come.

1) Kathmandu Mason Training

Kathmandu Mason Training was performed by CoRD in support of Build Up Nepal foundation targeting the masons of Dolakha district. Dolakha is one of the most affected areas during 2015 Earthquake. The training is very much essential for them for the earthquake resistant reconstruction of their houses and district as a whole.


2) Gorkha Mason Training

Gorkha Mason Training was performed in Bungkot VDC, Gorkha by CoRD in support of Catholic Relief Service (CRS) targeting the masons of Gorkha district. Gorkha is the most affected area during 2015 earthquake. Thus, the training is very much essential for them for the earthquake resistant reconstruction of their houses and district as a whole.